Your child will develop vital life skills for our rapidly changing world

At Ciara’s Tots we understand the importance of arranging the surroundings so that children become independent initiators of their own learning, developing vital life skills necessary for our rapidly changing world.

The nursery team will expertly guide your child through the wonders of learning whilst playing and at the same time, extend their knowledge and experiences without them being under any pressure. Baby signing, baby yoga and physically outdoor development are some of the extra curriculum we offer.

Baby 1 (3 – 12 mths)

Flexibility is very important at our nursery and whilst there is a structured routine for feeding, sleep and play, we also work around your child’s needs. You will be given a written report each evening on how your baby spent the day.

We have a range of learning equipment in our room and all activities are planned around the EYFS curriculum.  The babies are encouraged to join in with messy, tactile play (ie: paint, sand, gloop and jelly) and for those who like to get messy, these are hugely popular activities.

From an EYFS stance, communication is one of the most essential parts of everyday life, so the earlier we learn how to do this, the better. With this is mind, we have introduced a programme called ‘SIGN with your Baby’ into our nursery. It is based on simple hand gestures, which enable pre-verbal babies to communicate their needs and observations to us, and to you. We start by teaching the babies everyday words such as ‘more’, ‘eat’ and ‘milk’ and this programme is introduced to our babies as young as 6 months if you so wish.

We also have staff who are trained in the art of ‘yoga and massage’ for babies, in order to enhance that special bond between carer and child. This training allows staff to combine exercises with massage to promote multi-sensory and interactive learning enabling your baby to respond better to stress.

Benefits of yoga and massage include:

  • physical simulation and relaxation
  • contentment and well being
  • enhancement of staff/child relationships
  • better performance in learning situations

Encouraging a sense of achievement will allow their confidence and self-esteem to grow. It is a fact that a content and happy child responds much better to education.

Love and cuddles are plentiful at Ciara’s Tots and your baby can be sure of lots of individual as well as group attention. All we ask is that you provide your own nappies and a spare set of clothes. Formula milk is provided but if you would prefer to supply your own, please feel free to do so.

Baby 2 (12 mths to 18 mths)

Your child will be moved into 'Toddler 1' when you and the staff agree that the time is right. Ideally your child will be mobile before moving into this group but there will be plenty of walking aids available to help with this.

In this group, children will be encouraged to feed themselves, drink from beaker cups and sit at especially low tables instead of high chairs. This group will build their confidence to do things for themselves and for us as staff to enjoy their growing curiosity.

Such things as messy play and creative play will be introduced. Activities are carefully planned to prevent boredom and allowances are continually made with this in mind because we all know that this age group has a very short attention span.

Toddler 1 (18 mths – 24 mths)

As your child starts to get more independent and gains more confidence in walking/running, feeding themselves and sitting at a table, they will be moved into 'Toddler 2'. The toys and equipment will be slightly larger than in 'Toddler 1'.

Activities are more structured and they will start to co-operate in group activities rather than just playing on their own. Every opportunity will be given to your child to make their own decisions and choices, which will help to develop their own personality.

At this stage the children will be starting to make real friends and are encouraged to interact with one another as well as with the nursery team.

Through out the day the children will take part in lots of educational activities that are designed to teach them basic number skills, different shapes and sizes, colour recognition, language and communication skills. Creative and messy play is also part of the daily routine.

Toddler 2 / Pre-School (2 1/2 years+)

Now that your child has reached the classroom, this group will focus more on actively promoting learning.

We are fully committed to working towards the early learning goals/learning outcomes as specified by the School Curriculum & Assessment Authority and reinforced by OFSTED. This means that your child will follow an individual learning programme, know to us as the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), which will include:

  • Knowledge & Understanding the World
  • Mathematics
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language & Literacy
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

We adopt a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom so that the children progress at their own pace. Facilitated learning is carefully planned but informal.

‘Messy’ play, hide and seek and memory games in the nursery are introduced to start to develop exploration of space and new textures, which, when managed and supervised, promote respect and personal choice and of course is lots of fun. We also put emphasis on reinforcing equality, care and concern for others, awareness and respect for cultural diversity and – of course – for ourselves.

Building a child’s confidence, self esteem and respect and, importantly, respect for others, plays a huge part in the aims of our Nursery. We also know that children need to be constantly encouraged and stimulated, so in addition to our select programmes we also have speciality afternoons when the children can experiment with gardening, cookery and dancing, just to name a few. We also help and encourage potty training when we all agree the time is right.

Meals Times

We provide nutritious home cooked meals with health and variety at the forefront and we cater for individual dietary requirements as necessary. Plenty of conversation at meal times is encouraged and we even begin to introduce basic table manners.

  • Breakfast 7.30–8.30: An assortment of cereals will be provided for early arrivals (as required / upon request).
  • Morning Snack 9:30: A selection of toast / crumpets will be provided along with a drink such as milk or water
  • Lunch 11:30: Quorn shepherds pie with carrots and gravy, homemade apple crumble and custard (example)
  • Snack 2:00 : Warm potato skins, served with a home made dip.  and  (example)
  • Snack 4:00 : Banana bread (example)

(NB:  Water is available to all children throughout the day)

Opening Times

The nursery will be open Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 6:00pm.

Age of Admittance

The nursery cares for children from 3mths to school age.

Procedure for Admission

If you are happy with the information that has been sent to you, we would welcome the opportunity for you to come and have a look around our nursery and make sure you are happy with the environment and facilities that we offer.